Sunday 13 March 2011

Unkillable by Patrick E. McLean

Official Blurb

Unkillable is the story of a young man who is cruelly murdered then brought back from the dead to revenge himself. The kicker is: He’s not really alive. He can be hurt, he just can’t be killed.

It’s dark and funny and sad and beautiful and violent and magical -- if it could be summed up with just a few words, there would have been no point in writing a novel.

Unkillable. Life sucks. Death blows. In between is worse.

My Review

I've been listening to this fairly short book as its been released and I have to say I really looked forward to each new release. It has been a real treat to listen to.

The story is darkly humourous. Well, when the protagonist is a dead guy, you know it's not your average story.

The lead character is just your average joe, thrown into a highly unlikely occult type situation. Not only does he get quickly and inexplicably killed he then gets taken advantage of too by the undead occult powers. This guy just does not get a break even when he thinks he has. That's where the humour comes in. The author has made his lead character self aware, that is, aware that where he is, is bizarre and strange, so he's able to look wryly at himself.

After listening to this story, I've learnt that being dead isn't all it's cracked up to be!

The reading is by the author who has done a top notch job, his voice brings the characters to life in a way that only author readings can. He has a soft subtle voice that fits the work just-right.

Well worth a listen.

Reading 3/3
Production 2/3
Story 2/3

Total Score 7/9

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