Wednesday 16 March 2011

Homesick bu Paul J. Joseph

Official Blurb

The mission to New Ontario, is not going as planned. The first landing ends in disaster when the American astronaut, Scott Anderson, goes down alone and dissappears. Captain Sally Buds, Ian Merryfield, Vladamir Coronov must put aside their personal differences and attempt an umarmed rescue unsure of what awaits them below.

On the surface, they find only the remnants of a civilization. Buildings are rotting and the remains of human-like bodies are scattered around what may once have been streets. But the rescue trail leads them to a Nazi-style concentration camp populated with crowds of human cattle living in squalor. The camp has no walls or barbed wire, but no one is trying to escape. In fact, the workers are smiling. There among them is Scott Anderson. To rescue him, they must face an unspeakably cruel regime with no concept of mercy.

But this turns out to be only the beginning. The Masters have discovered vital information about Earth, its technology, and location. Will the same madness that consumed New Ontario ultimately engulf Earth? Sally and Ian must risk their lives to prevent it.

My Review

This is a facinating and engaging sci fi story. Having fininshed listening to it I only then discovered that it was in fact part two of a loosely linked series. I didn't realise this, and still really enjoyed the book.

The blurb above tells you all you need to know about the stories plot which I found quite enthralling. The UN spaceship is populated with interesting characters who are well put together form a superb story telling dynamic. This group is neither the perfectly fitting and friendly carboard cuit outs from Star Trek, nor some grotesque groups of misfits you'd find in a bad soap. They don't all get along, but their differences are reasonable and what you'd expect from a group of real people. Making the characters this "real" is what makes the story so good. Real people in extraordinary situations.

Throughout the story you get little tid-bits of Earths recent history and the way they are dropped during the story was really nice, it added depth to the environment withiout having to go off on an info dump.

If your a fan of sci-fi, download this book. I was glad I did. I'm now looking to download the prequel and sequel.

Reading 3/3
Production 2/3
Story 3/3

Total Score 8/9

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