Saturday 5 March 2011

Bone Machines by John Dodds

Official Blurb

They suffer for his art...

When a number of women are reported missing in Glasgow, the spectre of a previous spate of unsolved disappearances in the city rears its head.

Journalist Ray Bissett is drawn into the case when his daughter joins the ranks of the missing. And ambitious police detective Tom Kendrick won't let Ray forget a terrible incident from his past which resulted in the death of a young boy.

Damaged lives and dark secrets...

The streets of Glasgow haunted by the ghosts of the missing...

And an artist driven by a deadly inspiration.

My Review

This is a mystery/crime story set in modern day Scotland. It's a dark tale that might well turn your stomach during some of its ... juicier... moments.

The story starts out following the various seperate characters in thier own lives and gently weaves them together as the mystery is presented.

From it's nasty opening to the final climax I was gripped by the stories exploration of mans inhumanity. As I listened I couldn't help but remember news stories of the past where such dispicable deeds were truely done. They are repeated here in story form, and its quite gut wrenching. That said, I have a weak stomach for this kind of thing. Pain slowly inclicted really gets to me.

The author reads his own work in this presentation and does a sterling job. I only have two critisms of the reading. The first is that he leaps from the end of a chapter straight into the podcast outro, without even a pause for breath which takes a little getting used to. The other, is one piece of editing when a missing sentence has been patched back into the flow, and it's obviously recorded with a different microphone or in another room. Neither of these problems should stop downloading this horrific story.

Reading 3/3
Production 2/3
Story 2/3

Total Score 7/9

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p.s. Thanks to Mosse for mentioning this book, or I would have missed it!