Friday 25 March 2011

Marker Stone by Paul J. Joseph

Official Blurb

There’s trouble on CMC-6 and it’s been brewing for a long time. The golden age of space travel and asteroid mining has ended almost before it began and the bean counters have taken over. Sally Buds’ patients are all suffering from low-gravity syndrome because the Canadian Mining Consortium won’t spring for gravity generators and the miners won’t exercise. On top of this the station might be facing hard times. An expensive mining robot disappeared while surveying a region of space known and KEL-30 or “Kelthy.” The problem was not in replacing the robot, but rather in the fact that the machine reappeared after the replacement had been ordered. How could the station personnel have been so incompetent? But Sally has another question. Where did the probe go when it was out of contact? Where did the strange rock samples come from and why did the images it saw not correspond with known star charts? Her new friend Ian Merryfield, an RAF shuttle pilot, wants to know, too. But the station commander does not. What is in the Kelthy region and why do things disappear there? Is it a hoax intended to scare away claim jumpers or is it the greatest discovery of the twenty-first century? Ian and Sally intend to find out even if it means risking their careers or even their lives. Not knowing would be worse.

My Review

This book is a prequel of sorts to Homesick which was the audiobook I last reviewed, so yes, I'd reviewing them in the wrong order!

I'm really wishing I'd discovered this book first as it takes some of the same characters from Homesick and includes discovering "the fold" which plays a major role in the second book of the trilogy. Now having said that, I'm not disapointed in the book. It does stand alone with a pretty good ending, but the ending clearly leaves an opening for "Homesick" as the sequel.

I enjoyed finding out more about the characters I'd come to know in Homesick, their origins if you will.

The plot of this book, is "thinner" than that of Homesick, but I'm pretty sure I would have still enjoyed it as much if I'd listened in the correct order.

The reader is very good ( its the author ) and has a smooth voice that really set sthe mood well. All in all, this book is worth a listen. I can't find the third or fourth books in the series at podiobooks as yet... I'll keep looking.

Reading 3/3
Production 2/3
Story 2/3

Total Score 7/9

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