Saturday, 13 December 2008

Max Quick 2: The Two Travelers

The Official Blurb

Five quiet years have passed in Starland, California since the the time of the Pocket. But when a crazed old man shows up with a warning, Max, Casey, Ian and Sasha suddenly find themselves on the run. Max and Ian go through an Arch back to 1912, where a mysterious Machine is under construction that seems connected to Max’s unremembered secret. Meanwhile, Casey and Sasha follow the old man to the strange town of Arturo Gyp.

But there is more afoot than meets the eye: the enemies of Mr. E - the nefarious Archons - are abroad. And when Max is at last eye-to-eye with his secret, he realizes nothing will ever be the same again...

My Review

This is the sequel to the Pocket and the Pendant which I reviewed back in May. This series is a YA story that combines a story of adventure, history, mysticism, magic and action into a nice blend.

This second book in the series picks up threads laid down in the original story and expands them into a seperate yet joined stories. However if you haven't listened to the first story, I recommend that you do that first as this story leans heavily on the world built there.

The kids from the first book are now teenagers and have attitudes to match that difficult age. They are thrown once again into adventure where they feel out of their depth and must struggle to stand up to and face the opposition. The young heros split up and set out in pairs to fight the different aspects of the evil Archons, so the story follows both groups switching between them as the chapters advance.

The reader is once again the author and he has a great reading voice just perfect for the story. If you've enjoyed the first book then I recommend you jump right in with this sequel, and when your done listening, you'll be joining me waiting for the next book!

Reading 2/3
Production 2/3
Story 2/3

Total Score 6/9

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