Sunday, 28 December 2008


The Official Blurb

Something lives deep beneath the streets of San Francisco. Something that has been there for centuries, something which comes out at night to feed on the dregs of society. A sub-culture with its own myths and its own legends.

Stories of a leader named The King, who will lead them out of bondage, and their own demon, a hunting shadow known only as Savior. But the legends of Savior's brutality have faded, the fear used only within fables told to the young ones about their hunter.

When The King finally appears,just as foretold, the Nocturnals know their time has come -- the time to emerge from under the streets and hunt humanity in the open.

My Review

Firstly, let me say that I am a huge Scott Sigler fan, and this is the latest of his stories to finish his podcast presentation and I've been hooked to his stream listening for the end.

The story follows a few characters but the lead is a Police Detective and his partner. They are investigating some unusual deaths and following up the strange clues to the culprits but someone is trying to cover up something.

Scott presents a grandeous story here but does it through the little stories of the individuals involved. He leads us slowly into the strange, down an avenue of bizarre riding in a bus of the strange. It starts as a simple cop drama but escalates into the usual Sigler maelstrom of unusual and creepy.

As with his previous novels he lures you in with appealing characters thrown into odd situations that rapidly become more unusual and scary, and then builds to an explosive ending that never disappoints.

If you fancy a bit of sci-fi/cop/horror then I recommend taking a listen to this story, its very good.

Reading 3/3
Production 2/3
Story 3/3

Total Score 8/9

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