Friday, 2 May 2008

Max Quick 1 : The Pocket and the Pendant

The Official Blurb

WHEN TIME mysteriously stops, young Max Quick must travel across America to find the source of this 'temporal disaster'... Along the way, he and his companions encounter ancient mysteries, quantum Books, and clues to the riddle of stopped Time. But the more Max learns, the more it seems that his own true identity is not what he once believed...

My Review

I first heard this story as it was being originally released a year or two ago, back when it was simply called "The Pocket and Pendant". The author has since written a sequel which is now entering the podosphere, and so I'll take to the time to tell you want I thought of the original.

Well simply put, I loved this story. It started out a... shall I say depressing! the tone and pacing of the stories opening is quite negative, especially for a young adult story. This is however part of the story, the lead character "Max Quick" is in a very bad situation, and the tone portrays that.

This situation and the stories tone soon change, when time stops. The world freezes in an instant, but not for Max Quick.

The story then rushes on with loveable characters, both villians and heros and we start investigating the mystery, even the mystery of who Max Quick is.

Great story, good pacing, fantastic characters, and now, a sequel to look forward to.

Reading 2/3
Production 2/3
Story 3/3

Total score 7/9

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