Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Brighton Boys in the Radio Service

Oficial Blurb

The Brighton Boys in the Radio Service is a boys adventure story set in WWI – Three College Chums join the military and face the perils of spies, submarines and enemy soldiers in the trenches of embattled Europe. An engaging story set in a period where good guys wore white hats, bad guys wore black hats and every chapter ends with a cliffhanger so you have to come back for more!

My Review

The official blurb gives it all away! The story is a non stop WWI adventure for boys. The heros are young and new at the military thing but it doesn't stop them from being suspicious, resourceful and darned good at their new job in Wireless communications.

The characters are very 2D and despite the cliff hanger you know the good guys are going to win. Is this a bad thing? No, it's a good thing, predictable yes, and a fun filled rollercoaster of an adventure story. There is never a dull moment as the boys join up cross the atlantic and get into action against the Germans, along side thier allies the brave and bold French.

If you fancy a "Boys Own" type of listen you wont go wrong with this audio book. the reader does a darned good job of presenting the story in its upbeat "jolly good fun" tone.

Readng 3
Production 2
Story 2

Total 7/9

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