Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Aliens

Official Blurb

The human race was expanding through the galaxy … and so, they knew, were the Aliens. When two expanding empires meet … war is inevitable. Or is it …?

My Review

This short little novelette is a great human story dealing with the classic sci fi theme of "First Contact" with an alien race.

In this story we follow the crew members of the human populated ship as they react to and deal with the alien spaceship that turns up off the starboard bow. The people vary in their reactions, from awe to angry racism.

How should they deal with these "people", how do they communicate to them, what weapons do they have, why are they advancing , is that a threat, is it friendly?

This is a fun little story and runs for just under an hour and a half of classic sci fi that can't fail but be pleasing to any fan of space opera.

The reading was grand and paced wonderfully.

Readng 3
Production 2
Story 2

Total 7/9

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