Tuesday 4 January 2011

Dead Hunt by Kenn Crawford

Official Blurb

Off the coast of Nova Scotia on a remote island, a lonely scientist, a powerful computer, a simple mistake. Unleashes a new threat, somewhere in the hills of Margaree.

"Dead Hunt" is Kenn Crawford’s chilling tale of a desperate father’s undying love, a daughter frozen in time, and the small group of teens trapped in the aftermath.

"Everyone makes mistakes. Some are small, some are bigger. My father’s mistake, born of an innocent heart and fueled by sadness, was the greatest mistake. Some thought the death of his little girl drove him to the point of insanity; some thought he was trying to be God. But, this is not how it happened. The truth is, he wanted to save me. To give me life. And, in doing so, everyone was doomed." ~Robin

My Review

Imagine a slasher movie, imagine a bunch of teens starring in a saturday night zombie flick and thats where this book sits. It's blood and guts and teens surrounded by zombies. A simple theme but the author has put more than a little thought into it.

The first third of the novel deals with the cause and effect of the zombie outbreak, and does it with stylish, intellectual way. This is no plague caused by a passing asteroid, instead the author builds up the science behind it with some great characterisation in the process. It all makes sense to my semi logical mind, sure the science is probably guff, but I didn't spot it.

The teens that star in the story are nice, are individual, and best of all intelligent! So often in these stories teens act stupid, they go down into unlit basements, out into the eveil woods etc, but not in this story. That makes this a step up from the usual zombie dross.

There is blood, there is gore, there are sexual situations ( not explicit ) so it's you basic horror collection of tropes, but as I said nicely done.

It's a full cast drama with music and sound effects and a delightful narrator. If you like horror, give it a try.

Reading 3/3
Production 3/3
Story 2/3

Total Score 8/9

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