Monday 3 January 2011

The Blockade Runners by Jules Verne

Official Blurb

Writing at the end of the American Civil War, Verne weaves this story of a Scottish merchant who, in desperation at the interruption of the flow of Southern cotton due to the Union blockade, determines to build his own fast ship and run guns to the Confederates in exchange for the cotton piling up unsold on their wharves. His simple plan becomes complicated by two passengers who board his new ship under false pretenses in order to carry out a rescue mission, one which Capt. Playfair adopts as his own cause. This is going make the Rebels in Charleston rather unhappy with him.

Sure, his new ship is fast - but can it escape the cannonballs of both North and South?

My Review

This is a short two hour audio book by one of my favourite writers ( Jules Verne ) and one of my favourite readers ( Mark Smith ), so whats not to like! As the blurb says it's set during the war between the states and predominently on board a steam ship that is about to run the yankie blockade.

It's not a swashbuckling adventure, we dont have any heros leaping about sword in one hand pistol in another, no, it's much more sedate than that. In fact the high action takes place off stage, yet in the end that is not a disapointment.

The story is much more a character piece, that's set in exciting times. As with many of the stories written in these times, you get a feeling that all will end well at the end but that's not why you're listening, you want to hear how they get to that point. So sit down , stick this light adventure in your ears and you wont be disapointed by what is a delightful and well made audio book.

Reading 3/3
Production 2/3
Story 2/3

Total Score 7/9

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