Sunday 4 April 2010

Heirs of the New Earth by David Lee Summers

Official Blurb

The Earth has gone silent. John Mark Ellis and the crew of the Sanson are sent to investigate. When they arrive, they find vast alien machines known as Clusters in orbit. Fearing the worst, they land and discover that the once overcrowded, polluted Earth has become a paradise of sorts. The problem is over half the population is dead or missing and the planet's leaders don't seem to care. As Ellis works to unravel the mystery, sudden gravitational shifts from the galaxy's center indicate something even worse is in the offing. Can Ellis save the galaxy from the heirs of the new Earth?

My Review

This is a sequel. Its the third in a series. I actually joined the series with the second book ( I reviewed it here ) which I was able to do without any problem. I think this book is different. I believe that this book does not stand alone as well as the other. All of the characters were introduced in the previous book and I suspect that not knowing any of their history would prove a difficult mire to negotiate.

Anyway, onto this book! In summary, I kind of liked it. I like the world and the characters the author has created. The plot too, is also very good and kept me listening. So what didn't I like? Simply it got a bit smutty on a couple of occasions. Yeah, I'm a prude, I wish that sort of thing was left behind a closed door.

This is a driving story that develops its plot quickly and every chapter seems to drag you onwards to the goal of solving the mystery which means you might well find yourself listening to chapter after chapter all in one sitting!

Reading 2
Production 2
Story 2

Total : 6/9

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