Monday, 28 July 2008

Children of the Old Stars

The Official Blurb

The Cluster is a vast alien machine that destroys starships indiscriminately in its quest for something or someone. Commander John Mark Ellis, disgraced and booted out of the service when he fails to save a merchant ship, believes the key to stopping the Cluster is communication. His mother, Suki Firebrandt Ellis is a historian who believes the very leaders of the galaxy are withholding information about the Cluster. Clyde McClintlock believes the Cluster is God incarnate, seeking retribution. G'Liat is an alien warrior whose own starship was destroyed by the Cluster. All together, they set out to solve the mystery of the Cluster before it finds the object of its quest.

The events of Children of the Old Stars follow those of The Pirates of Sufiro

My Review

I have not read or listened to the prequel of this book so came at it knowing nothing of the background or history. I do not believe I suffered at all because of that in my listening. I certainly did not notice any holes in plot or character.

It's a space opera in the full sence of the term. A bit star trek-like in its investigation of the unknown.

We have alien races, unknown entities and men driven by a desire to understand. All of the parts need for a great story. Unfortunately I found that it didn;t quite come together. The story just didn't have a big-bang it was missing the climax it deserved. This may be a factor of being the middle of a trilogy.

The reading was perfectly good and the story had enough twists and character to keep me listening, it was only after it was all over that I felt a little let down.

That sounds pretty negative, dont mistake me, it is a good enough story and you wont be bored and it's entirely possible you'll enjoy it a lot more than me.

Reading 2/3
Production 2/3
Story 2/3

Total Score 6/9

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