Tuesday 9 March 2010

Short Science Fiction Collection 22

Official Blurb

Science Fiction is speculative literature that generally explores the consequences of ideas which are roughly consistent with nature and scientific method, but are not facts of the author’s contemporary world. The stories often represent philosophical thought experiments presented in entertaining ways. Protagonists typically “think” rather than “shoot” their way out of problems, but the definition is flexible because there are no limits on an author’s imagination. The reader-selected stories presented here were written prior to 1962 and became US public domain texts when their copyrights expired.

My Review

Once again the Librivox blurbs gives you absolutely nothing specific about a sci fi collection. Fear not dear reader, thats why I'm here!

We've got a mixed bag of short sci fi stories, some good, some ok, and few that I didn't find interesting. This is expected with any collection from disparate authors, it's the same if the collection is in a book, or in audio.

I can say that I found 4 good stories, 3 ok and the rest did not appeal to me. All of the readers were good, so it's not their fault if the stories don't appeal.

The only author in this collection that I have heard of is Harry Harrison, and in fact his entry into this collection was my fave'. It's a story called "The Velvet Glove" and features a poor out of work robot, trying to make his way in a human world.

Among the readers are Gregg Margarite and Reynard T. Fox who are some of my favoured readers in the Librivox collective.

Reading 2
Production 2
Story 2

Total : 6/9

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