Tuesday 23 March 2010

Greater Good

Official Blurb

In the world of tomorrow, the American Regime dominates our hemisphere, ruled by a new nobility: telepaths. While this powerful new minority rules over the normal human majority, society enjoys stability and security. However, with this new world comes new prejudices and oppression.

Now, a powerful telepathic killer from the future has come to our present to eliminate this new world - a serial killer today, a genocide for tomorrow. It is up to a law enforcement officer from the future and an unwitting FBI agent to stop him before he can act in the name of the...

Greater Good.

My Review

This was a real wiz bang of a story ( wiz bang = exciting and good ). Having the fortune to be able to spend a day working from home I was able to listen to this book in the course of a single day.

It was heck of a day. The twists and turns, the excitement and the drama of the story made the day fly by.

As the blurb says this is a sci fi novel that includes an interesting form of time travel, by extremely powerful humans. It's not the jumping forwards and backwards in time type of story but rather a one way trip. A future terrorist comes back to our time to "correct some problems" and the cops come after him.

We get to listen to spectacular chases and battles and even a little love interest on the side. All round a pretty darn good listen. I dare not say more lest I give too much away.

Reading 3
Production 2
Story 3

Total : 8/9

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