Monday, 5 September 2011

3 Dooms of America by Eugene Fairfield

Official Blurb

"Prophecy is not a prediction of tomorrow. It is a description of the doom contained within today."

Three stories of the end of American society, from one Tuesday, the 11th of September into the near future.

Shock & Awe: "At the end of this story, a baby will be born, and touch off an insurrection. Before that, a woman makes breakfast."

The Greening of Blue England: "It took three-quarters of a ton of plastique to get rid of all the box stores in Taft Corners."

Spider's Dreams: "The rose is still unfolding, a thousand petals and every one scribed with tragedy, with enough grief to end the world."

My Review

Another book I did not like, nor did I finish listening. The first Dooms was written in a strange style; the writer broke the fourth wall to tell us about his story, which ruined it for me. I felt that the story was okay but the distraction was constant and got-my-goat!

Alas I was but half way through the second story when I ceased listening. I can't tell you the second story was badly written, what I heard of it was fine. Frankly I was still feeling grumpy after the first story and just gave up.

Therefore I don't think I can fairly give it a rating.

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