Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Intrusion of Jimmy by PG Wodehouse

Official Blurb

The action begins with playboy bachelor Jimmy Pitt in New York; having fallen in love on a transatlantic liner, he befriends a small-time burglar and breaks into a police captain's house as a result of a bet. The cast of characters head to England, and from there on it is a typically Wodehousian romantic farce, set at the stately Dreever Castle, overflowing with imposters, detectives, crooks, scheming lovers and conniving aunts.

My Review

As the blurb says this story is typically Wodehousian. It's a light comedic farce, where everything can and will go wrong, people will make bad decisions and everyone is a stereotype!

I'm a fan of P.G. Wodehouse's work, its just so typically silly upper class twittery that it always makes me smirk and makes them a delight to listen to. This one is no different. As the blurb says an upper crust twit takes part in a crime to win a bet. Of course he's going to get caught and have to use some fast talking to stay out of trouble, oh and of course he'll find a girl and fall in love and not know how to talk to her.

That's it really, I cant say much more about the story, its simple light silly faire and fun to listen to.

It's read by the excellent Mark Nelson who proves here that he's not limited to just Sci Fi readings!

Reading 2/3
Production 2/3
Story 3/3

Total Score 7/9

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