Saturday, 28 August 2010

Not an audio review

I just finished reading Scott Sigler's "Ancestor" novel. I originally listened to this a few years back when Scott first published it for free as a podcast novel.

I really enjoyed it in that format. I really enjoyed it in this new book format too!

The blurb from the back of the book says...

"On a remote island in the Great Lakes, an Unusual group of scientists are using extinct DNA to create the perfect organ donor. it could save millions of lives and win dr Claus Rhumkorrf the Nobel Prize he craves.

The Donor animal is genetically the ancestor of all species on the planet - but Nature wiped it out two hundred million years ago.

Rhumkorrf and his team are about to find out why."

Thats a pretty good blurb, Scott writes great monster/horror stories and this is one of his best.

This book is different from the originally broadcast audio novel. It's been edited and tweaked. It's also picked up a couple of "Easter eggs" for long time fans, little hints that refer to others of his novels. That just adds to the enjoyment for his fans without taking anything from those who don't even realise they're there.

Scott has also re-recorded this new version of the novel and is podcasting it for free, and I'm listening again even though I've just read the book!

In summary, its a great book worth your investment in money and time. I managed to pick this up from my local superstore (ASDA) so you should be able to find it pretty much anywhere.