Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Undertakers Moon ( Excerpt)

Official Blurb

Croatoan Publishing has released the limited edition hardcover of Ron Kelly's Irish-Werewolf novel, "Undertaker's Moon". Here's a free download of the Audio excerpt produced and narrated by Wayne June.

My Review

I was pointed to this short little story by a podcasting friend who had interviewed the reader. It's a self contained excerpt from the book that forms a little short story all of it own. Its presented here as a promo for the book. The story is split into four, five minute sections. Really(!) the reader has a voice made for horror and fits this bloody "tail" perfectly.

So, this is a dark horror tale with a ton of blood that you can listen to in under half an hour. I'm not going to rate it, only because it's an excerpt, and I don't want anyone to mix up my rating of this excerpt with a rating for an audio book. I can tell you that I love the readers voice and the story was good too.

If your not adverse to a bit of horror, dig in!

Download from here.

Listen to the first five minute segment