Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Official Blurb

Deathworld is the first in a series of novels begun in 1960 and originally serialized in Astounding Science Fiction Magazine. It’s the story of Jason dinAlt a professional gambler with psionic skills who finds himself on Pyrrus the deadliest planet to be colonized by humanity. Violent weather, active tectonics, heavy gravity, abundant predators, and a hostile splinter group of colonists is only the beginning of Jason’s quest to learn the truth about Pyrrus.

My Review

This is classic Sci Fi at its very best!. Alien worlds, space ships, creepy creatures, fighting, discoveries and gambling. What more could you pssibly want from a Sci Fi novel?

Well, I suppose you might want an appealing lead chacter, whos the underdog but is likely to win through in the end. You might want a plot that doesn't sleep, that presents you one exciting scene after another. Perhaps you want to explore the strange? Well you've got all of that here, in a story that doesn't show it's age.

The lead character is a professional gambler who has an edge, he can use his mind to manipulate the dice! Yet these powers are very limited, he's not some Sci Fi wizard wandering around the worlds blasting his enemies, no, his powers are limited to rolling the dice, and a mind to rival Sherlock Holmes.

Ths is fairly short novel that is read very well and is a delightful afternoons listening. If your a SciFi fan you should treat yourself to this free treat.

Reading 3/3
Production 2/3
Story 3/3

Total Score 8/9

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