Saturday, 31 May 2008

His Last Bow

The Official Blurb

In this collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, the great detective continues doing what he does best: averting political scandals, tracking down murderers, dragging Dr. Watson into unpleasant situations. As always, it’s adventurous fun for the rest of us. This book was published in 1917, after The Return of Sherlock Holmes.

My Review

What we have here is the standard fare for a collection of short Sherlock Holmes stories from Conan Doyle. I love Sherlock Holmes and so was really looking forward to this audio book. I was not disapointed by the story content. Holmes as always shows a facinating insight into the ordinary and deducts his way to success in a varied and interesting set of cases.

The final story brings Sherlock into wartime or very nearly wartime, and because of this I can now finally forgive Basil Rathbone for starring in those old wartime Holmes stories.

This recording was made by various volunteers at Librivox and all of the readers were pretty good. Unfortunately the "Production" on this book has suffered. In particular the first story covered in the first two files had an awful levels issue. The reader herself sounded fine but the fact that the sound levels were washing up and down like a manic tide meant that I could not listen to the first story.

This book is still worth downloading, even if you miss the first story due to the sound levels.

Reading 2/3
Production 1/3
Story 3/3

Total Score 6/9

Available from Librivox