Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Warlord of Kor

The Official Blurb

Warlord of Kor was originally published in 1963 as half of an Ace Double, selected by legendary editor Donald A. Wollheim. It is an interplanetary adventure, as humans probe the mysteries of the planet Hirlaj and the few remaining aliens who live there.

Terry Carr never really shone as a writer, though he did write some remarkably thoughtful stories. However, his talents as an editor and anthologist were important and undeniable, and he brought many good writers and authors into science fiction and fantasy. His first couple of novels, of which Warlord of Kor was one, did not have their copyright renewed by Mr. Carr on purpose, one understands. So enjoy the blood and thunder, but don’t think it’s representative of his work!

My Review

A pure Sci Fi story. It's set in a universe of dispersed humanity, and specifically on a planet that has the remnants of an ancient race.

The lead character tries to probe the history of the surviving beings, but finds himself in the middle of a plot the encircles the power struggle between the humans on the planet and an even older race.

The reading of this story is excellent, the characters are fully developed and despite the rather "down" official blurb, the story is very good and I found it very absorbing.

Reading = 3/3
Production = 2/3
Story = 2/3

Total = 7/9

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