Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Green Odyssey

The Official Blurb

Alan Green is a space traveler stranded on a barbaric planet who has been taken slave and made a consort to an insipid and smelly queen. His slave-wife, though beautiful and smart, nags him constantly. He’s given up hope of ever returning to Earth when he hears of two astronauts who have been captured in a kingdom on the other side of the planet, and sets out on an action-packed journey on a ship sailing across vast grasslands on rolling pin-like wheels in a desperate scheme to save them and return home. Due to the non-renewal of its copyright, this book is in the public domain.

My Review

The Official Blurb says it all. The story has a "John Carter of Mars" feel with Swords as likely to be weilded as Guns, but with a slightly less heroic bent. The main protagonist is a little more human than John Carter ever was.

The epic Ships-on-wheels idea is both funny and odd to our modern ears yet has a subtle appeal in its simple childness.

The story is well written and after a fairly slow start moves up a pace into a genuine action packed adventure.

The reading by Mark Nelson is excellent and without fault. ( He's actually my favourite Librivox reader ).

Reading = 3/3
Production = 3/3
Story = 2/3

Total = 8/9

This story is available from Librivox