Saturday 8 June 2013

Carnacki, The Ghost Finder by William Hope Hodgson

Official Blurb

Thomas Carnacki was a detective of the supernatural, created for a series of short stories by Wiliam Hope Hodgson. Hodsgon, also a noted photographer and bodybuilder, might have created more stories for this intrepid sleuth of the occult, but he unfortunately died at the youthful age of 40 in World War I.

My Review

This collection of short stories was a real pleasure to listen to.  William Hope Hodgson  is a master of creating a creepy suspense, and he manages to do that in each of these short stories.

Each story is told from the point of view of someone listening to a Carnacki as he relates one of his investigations. Carnacki it turns out, is a well known ghost hunter and people around the country ask him to investigate and deal with ghosts that are troubling them. Generally speaking these ghosts are not the sort of ghost that shouts boo, or rattles chains in the night. The ghosts in these stories are the story that rip off you head, then use it as a football, and then stuff your corpse with fish...beause its fun...for them. So yes, there are some ghastly story moments.

Sometimes the ghosts are real, sometime they're not, sometimes it turns out that to be the nephew trying to kill his uncle to get the inheritence, thus Carnacki never knows exactly what he has to deal with, and that's half the fun of these stories.

Each story is self contained, and each one is very good.The reader does a great job his voice is near perfect for the style of story.

Reading 2/3
Production 2/3
Story 3/3

Total Score 7/9

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