Sunday 28 April 2013

History of the Devil by Clive Barker

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My Review

I've just finished listening to a dramtisation of History of the Devil by the Seeing Ear Theater. I was really impressed.  It's a full cast drama and very well written and acted.

The story is based around a court case in which the devil is on trial. If the devil is found innocent of corrupting mankind he will go back to heaven. It's filled with flash back scenes to events throughout history where the devil was involved, from the original garden through to events around WWII.

As you might expect with a Clive Barker story things get horrific at times and I don't think the producers of this show held back. The prose is quite belly-churning at times, the brutalness is very raw at times.

The devil himself is no simple one-dimensional character in this story, you tend to hear a lot of story from his own lips and the actor chosen to play him actually makes him appealing to the listener.

As stated above, this is full cast audio drama with music, sound effects etc. It's very well produced although I found this recording a little muddy.

In summary, I really enjoyed this, not safe for public listening, you'll get a few funny looks if you do!

Reading 3/3
Production 2/3 (would have been 3, but this recording was a bit muddy)
Story 3/3

Total Score 8/9

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