Monday 24 May 2010

The Moon Pool by Abraham Merritt

Official Blurb

Dr. David Throckmartin’s scientific expedition to the South Sea Islands discovers among ancient ruins a portal into Muria, an unknown underground world. After the disappearance of Throckmartin, his wife and two companions, his old friend Dr. Walter Goodwin enters Muria with a rescue party, only to confront an fantastic world filled with incredible beings, astounding scientific advances, and the worship of the most evil of all creatures, The Dweller.

My Review

What we have here is a classical pulp style adventure. Look at the elements involved, an entire underground world containing multiple cultures, civilisations, evil religions and cults, mad dwarves and monsters!

You want it, then this story has it.

Personally I found it a little slow in the beginning but it soon moved up to a better pace. There are the usual investigating-the-strange-worlds chapters. The chase-across-the-landscape chapters. The love chapters! Of course we can't do without the huge final confrontation.

The reader is Mark Nelson who does a loverly job in creating voices for most of the characters and bringing the story to life in his well paced cadence. He's brought the skill with which he reads Sci Fi into this fantasy story with aplomb.

If you enjoyed Vernes "Journey" story I think you'll find this one very much to your taste.

Reading 3
Production 2
Story 2

Total 7/9

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