Tuesday 15 December 2009

Little Fuzzy

Official Blurb

Jack Holloway, a prospector on the planet Zarathustra discovers small furry creatures. These creatures are obviously intelligent, but are they animals or are they sapient? If they are sapient the planet will be declared a protected zone and the company that is developing the planet commercially will lose their exclusive rights to the resources…

My Review

The author H Beam Piper is usually pretty good, so I looked forward to this story. It didn't disapoint. It's set on a fairly frontier world of the future and the lead character becomes entranced with little fuzzy creatures start turning up. He invites one into his house and is surprisd at its intelligence.

It's a well put together story, and emotes, fun, love and anger at human stupidity and greed and this all adds up to a good story line.

Now having said that, I will add that I think the story goes on a little at the end, that is to say it gets a little preachy, but that doesn't last long, and if I can forgive Crighton, his brain dumps, I can forgive Piper his little speech.

A delightful reader made this a fun listen.

Readng 3
Production 2
Story 3

Total 8/9

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