Sunday 6 September 2009

The Door Through Space

Official Blurb

At one time Race Cargill had been the best Terran Intelligence agent on the complex and mysterious planet of Wolf. He had repeatedly imperiled his life amongst the half-human and non-human creatures of the sullen world. And he had repeatedly accomplished the fantastic missions until his name was emblazoned with glory.

But that had all seemingly ended. For six long years he’d sat behind a boring desk inside the fenced-in Terran Headquarters, cut off there ever since he and a rival had scarred and ripped each other in blood-feud.

But when THE DOOR THROUGH SPACE swung suddenly open, the feud was on again—and with it a plot designed to check and destroy the Terran Empire.

My Review

This is not a sci fi story with huge mighty ships pushing across the void to engage in combat beyond the "door", as I had at first expected. Instead this story has a down to earth , grubby feel. It's subterfuge and underhanded nastiness at it's best.

The story is most definitely set on an alien world , but, the sci fi setting is almost irrelevant to the plot. yes the humans are interacting with aliens, yes the aliens have diferent cultures, yes the technologies are highly advanced, but this is all just a backdrop to what is really a very human story. When enemies draw knives on each other you and see the blood and the sweat in your mind.

The environment is nasty and grubby and this adds to the tension in the story. The humans are in trouble and the dirt adds to the uncomfortable feeling.

This is a really good story and exceedingly well read. The woman who starts the reading apparently "disapeared" and never returned to complete the project, an event that happens so often on such internet driven projects. However the reader who took up the reins is also very very good, so it didn't cause much of a distraction.

Reading 3/3
Production 2/3
Story 3/3

Total Score 8/9

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