Sunday 6 April 2008

The Lost World

The Official Blurb

Imagine a strange, tropical place that is almost inaccessible. Time appears to have stood still there. Species of animal and plant life not seen elsewhere on Earth, except in the fossil record, inhabit the place. The lakes heave with the shapes of huge grey bulks moving under the surface. The woods are places where chittering cries move about above your head, as powerful apes move swiftly in the canopy of leaves. Then, a tree splinters nearby, and a dinosaur steps out from his hiding place… and he’s eyeing YOU.

Jurassic Park? Not quite. The Lost World was an inspiration for Jurassic Park; in fact, a character in J.P. has the same name as one of the chief characters in The Lost World. It also inspired King Kong. But this is the original! Four adventurers go off to find the place shown in a dead man’s sketch book - they find a war between apes and Indians, prowling dinosaurs, a sparkly treasure hidden in the blue clay - they find the Lost World. And because of the treachery of a native guide, their means of escape is destroyed!

My Review

This IS the classic "Professor Challenger" story. High adventure in a land of dinosuars. I originally read this while at school and was facinated by it, it left pictures in my mind that have stuck with me ever since, images that I've compared to every dino' movie I've ever seen.

The story relates how the adventurers find themselves outmatched by these animals and how only human ingenuity can keep them alive.

This recording does a splendid job of bringing the story alive for me once again. The readers voice fits splendidly with the role of the narrator in the story ( much like it did in Ten Days in a Madhouse ).

Listening to this story was nostalgic, exciting and engaging, it made my cycle-commute whizz by.

Reading = 3/3
Production = 2/3
Story = 3/3

Total = 8/9

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