Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Leviathan Chronicles

Official Blurb

A hidden city called Leviathan lies deep within the dark trenches of the Pacific Ocean. The city is home to a community of immortals that sought to create a utopia over 1,000 years ago. For a millennia, they lived in peace and secrecy, gently influencing world events to aid the advancement of mankind. But a terrible secret has been kept deep within the catacombs of Leviathan that threatens the existence of the immortals, and quite possibly the entire world.

One woman named Macallan Orsel, a young genetic scientist in New York, discovers she is descended from a group of immortals that rebelled against Leviathan and are now waging a civil war around the globe. As the immortal war spills into the realm of mortal man, Macallan realizes that she holds the key to stopping the battle and bringing peace to Leviathan. But a clandestine government agency called The Blackdoor Group is trying to exterminate the immortal population and has identified Macallan as their critical target.

The Leviathan Chronicles is a revolutionary science fiction audio drama podcast featuring the voices of over 60 actors, professional sound effects and an original music soundtrack.

My Review

This is a sci fi story set on modern day earth. Is reveals all of the tropes of a sci fi novel but as a hidden world in and under the world as we know it. As the blurb says the story is presented as a full cast audio drama, and it’s done quite well. The music, sound effects and acting is pretty good. At times you can sense the actors struggling with the text which was written as for a book rather than for audio presentation, but that is something you get used to as the story draws you in.

The characters are well put together and having a separate actor for each really makes the plot easy to follow, which is a blessing when you consider the story jumps from one party to another and even occasionally through time. The voices keep it all straight.

It is exciting, it’s an audio experience, it’s fun. It’s all good stuff. I love the full-on audio movie style of presentation, especially the fight scenes you hear the crunches the cracks and the punches all with a simultaneous narration that makes it all very visceral and attention grabbing.

So having said how great this book is, what’s wrong with it? Only two things as far as I’m concerned. Firstly the narrator seems to have taken breath breaks mid paragraph and then come back. It means the audio doesn’t quite flow as well as it should but after the first half hour you won’t even notice that. The real bugbear is that this is part 1 and ends with me wanting more. I had the same feeling you got at the end of “The Empire Strikes Back.” It’s the “What? You’re stopping there?” feeling.

A quick look at the home page for the book doesn’t reveal any current activity on the next part which I found a disappointment, especially as the first part is so well done. The story does work standalone, only I wish they hadn’t stuck me with the hooks for the next part!!

Reading 2/3
Production 3/3
Story 3/3

Total Score 8/9

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