Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Discovered Country

Official Blurb

Rosemary Halpern, a mild-mannered librarian from Boston, found herself trapped hundreds of years in the future. A future that faced a new Ice Age. A future where ghouls walked the Earth, ravenous for human flesh.

My Review

Not good. A bizarre narrative story. The protagonist finds herself thrown forwards in time to a future where people starve and the undead plague the living. You or me, might wonder how that happened, not the protagonist, she doesn't care and its not explained. She then goes on a journey having a series of episodic disjointed events that leave no stain or effect on the story, just disconected things happening.

The story is a typical heros journey but without any of the good bits! No explanation for why anthing happens, no questioning from those involved, no character development, all together quite bland.

I "think" this is YA novel, but some parts make me think otherwise, so I can't quite place it, or forgive it.

The only thing that kept me listening was the readers excellent voice.

Readng 3
Production 2
Story 1

Total 6/9

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