Saturday, 16 August 2008

Playing for Keeps

The Official Blurb

Playing for Keeps tells the story of Keepsie Branson, a bar owner in the shining metropolis of Seventh City: birthplace of super powers. Keepsie and her friends live among egotistical heroes and manipulative villains, and manage to fall directly in the middle as people with powers, but who just aren't strong enough to make a difference. Or that's what they've been told. As the city begins to melt down, it's hard to tell who are the good guys and who are the bad.

My Review

This is a super hero story. Not your usual superhero story. The story follows a bunch of superhero failures, people who have been turned away from the superhero accademy because their super powers arn't super enough. They resent being turned away and have been hanging out in the bar belonging to one of them.

The "Heros" in this world are pretty nasty, and the villians seem like good guys and the protagonists somewhere in the middle.

The story follows the events of these wannabees as the city erupts into adventure and disaster, they try to help, they try to fight, they try to survive.

It's an exciting novel that'll be twisting your face into a laugh one minute and into concern for the characters next. Ups, downs and never a let up in the interest.

Just a little warning, not for kids, contains profanity...lots of it.

I rate this...

Reading 3/3
Production 2/3
Story 2/3

Total Score 7/9

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